In our dedication to safe navigation and successful operations we consider training as the key to generate high caliber professionals for the ranks of shipping.

Focusing on continual improvement, we recognize the importance of educating our seafarers in addition to mandatory training, and for that purpose we have developed several company specific programs.

A detailed training matrix for both external and in-house seminars, including Computer Based Training (CBT), has been developed and is reviewed annually. Trainings are recorded and assessed on a constant improvement process to continuously address our seafarer’s job competence.

Additionally, off-signers in our pool, are given the opportunity for shore-based training, by attending office activities, seminars and conferences and are kept in contact with the agency with newsletters and regular communication

Further to our in-house trainings, we are ensuring that our seafarers have timely access to facilities offering simulators including Main Engine Type, Crane Handling, Bridge Team Management and Ship Handling courses via the Batumi Maritime State Academy.

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Summing up our training philosophy, seminars are delivered by specialized professionals with extensive experience providing:

  • Training material developed according to the latest industry standards.
  • Customizable company specific and rank specific trainings as per Dry and Tanker Management
  • Self-Assessment (TMSA) best practices.
  • Pre-embarkation training / familiarizations as per industry requirements and client’s specific needs.
  • Post-disembarkation training as per identified needs based on the evaluation process of our client.
  • Performance monitoring process and established in-house Appraisals System.
  • Retaining an electronic record of seafarers’ trainings and familiarizations.
  • Close co-operation with the Georgian Maritime training centers to cover further training requirements.