Gain a comprehensive view of your inventory and eliminate quantity shortages and claims on your cargo.

In Queensway Services we are capitalizing the best of the experience of our maritime professionals in your trading operations by creating advantages from our sound understanding of oil cargoes, terminals and bunkering stations.

In our point of view, “Loss Management Techniques”, adherence to ASTM International and American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards, and adequate documentation are necessary tools for wet cargo transportation at sea. We are ensuring that all necessary operation data is available in the undesired event of some abnormality that might occur during the handling circle.

Our Certified Cargo experts follow a strict protocol while in operation with the following objectives:

  • Verification of Loaded - Discharged Quantities/Gauging Witnessing
  • Cargo Quality Control/Sampling Witnessing
  • Verification of Shore Storage/Gauging Witnessing
  • Ship to Ship Operations Witnessing/Expediting
  • Blending operations Witnessing/Expediting
  • Bunkering Survey
  • Reporting/Creating a document trail of every step of the operation
  • Loss Investigation (Crudes, Residuals, Distillates, Products)


“Loss Control” is an integral part of cargo operations and so are communications during those. Queensway Services Operations Department keeps a 24/7 open channel with the Supercargo on board, producing frequent updates on the performance of the cargo movement.