The Company


To develop, maintain and constantly enhance an actionable approach in marine recruitment. Embracing the highest standards (or best practice) of professional ethics in providing a fair and transparent system for employment at sea.


Aspiring to a shipping environment powered with well endorsed professionals towards excellence and efficiency in shipping operations.


Conformance with applicable and statutory requirements, International Legislation and National Requirements. To meet customers' requirements as defined in the relevant Contract Agreement and maintain appropriate seamen's pool to response effectively to customer's needs. Monitoring and measuring the adequacy of the services provided.


Queensway Services Ltd. is committed in providing qualified, certified and medically fit seafarers in accordance with National and International rules and regulations, which consistently and continuously meet the requirements of our customer.


Opearating with sound management practices, empowered employees, continual improvement plan based on customers’ feedback, formal training methods, quality and safety management system principles, double-loop feedback, cross-matrix communication and a clear vision for the future.