Standing on strong marine foundations we have developed a set of mechanisms to scout, enhance and deploy seafarers as we stay focused on a job-oriented approach

Steadily focused in providing you with an efficient and accountable manning service, our recruitment process is run by well experienced Master Mariners and Chief Engineers committed to our quality standards as per ISO 9001:2015 and in compliance to Marine Labour Convention (MLC) 2006.

In Queensway Services we maintain one of the largest pools of highly qualified and motivated Georgian seafarers equipped to meet the most demanding needs of their roles. Adding value to our seafarers we are investing in their continuous development through training and performance monitoring of their service. Through our pool we are providing high caliber professionals to your crew department, selected through the highest standards.

Featured in our recruitment process our clients benefit from:

  • Review of seafarer’s experience and competence by suitably qualified Master Mariners and Chief Engineers.
  • Enhanced recruitment process for Senior Officers including Management, Interpersonal and Soft Skills evaluation.
  • Pre-Employment background check on Performance.
  • Electronic, “Certificate Verification Process” on all official documentation via Maritime Transport Agencies (MTAs) digital archives.
  • Thorough system for the retention of certifications, trainings and medical records.
  • Continuous performance monitoring and evaluation of the members in our pool.
  • Identification and addressing of seafarers’ training needs, as per Dry and Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA) requirements.
  • English language proficiency skills evaluation by our in-house English instructors.


Subsidizing your company’s technical management with “supporting teams” accelerates response to the challenges of maintaining efficiency in operations.

Capitalizing the best of the experience of our maritime professionals we are delivering advantages through quickly deployable “supporting teams”. Adopting to your maintenance needs, groups of highly skilled seafarers provide a diversified range of works either while your vessel is underway or in a port call.

Appointed Supporting Teams, ready to meet the vessel, in the next port of call are a tool crafted for modern technical management. Our service of “supporting teams” reduces costs significantly by adding external expertise/working hands in ship repairs and creates essential benefits to your Technical Department.

Customizable support by Queensway Services is a cost-effective solution to the extension of your Technical Department balancing between cost efficiency and hired proficiency for every repair/maintenance project.